The single most important piece of information I will ever communicate on this blog is this; everything we put on our skin, hair and nails is inevitably absorbed into the body to some degree. It’s an unfortunate misconception that after applying, a product to the skins’ surface it will remain only on the surface. The ingredients a product is made up of, can and do, end up penetrating deeper than just the surface layer of the skin- hence the title of this blog, Below The Surface.

The Purpose

My belief is that people deserve to at least, be able to make a choice about what beauty products they do and don’t use in regards to their health. People can only make this choice if they realise most of what’s on the supermarket and chemist shelves is not necessarily safe. It can be a confusing and extensive learning process and I hope to be able to help in some way.

While this topic can obviously be heavy, I am conscious of focusing on communicating the information in a clear and transparent fashion. My intention is not to create an air of fear and you will not see any scandalous headlines (The Product You Are Using That Is Definitely Killing You And Also Possibly Your Cat!!… Yeah, not that).

I aim to create an equal balance of “here’s something you should know, that you may want to consider” accompanied with “here’s an awesome product/brand/alternative that you could try instead”, because knowing what not to use, doesn’t always lead to knowing what you could use instead.

My top priority when recommending a brand or product will be regarding its’ safety of use to the individual but I will also look for brands that are additionally cruelty free and environmentally conscious (because I’m totally original and really just want to save the world).

My Person Approach

It’s not always realistic, due to lack of convenience, financial means and other factors to use safe, non-toxic products all of the time. I certainly don’t. I’m just gradually trying to use more of the safe products than the questionable ones.

I like to think of my approach to choosing cosmetics in a similar fashion to the way I approach food. I know certain foods are unhealthy, so I, for example choose to not eat deep-fried mars bars everyday, but a certain pancake joint is a five-minute drive from my house and it’s open 24 hours so pancakes will be remaining a staple *cough* I mean occasional, addition to my diet… espresso martinis also.

Sometimes it can be a lengthy process even finding a product that is safe and non-toxic and once you do, it’s effectiveness then comes into play. I appreciate that this is often time consuming, expensive and just plain annoying, so for these reasons, the products and brands I recommend will be ones that I have personally used or am still using and if this is ever not the case (perhaps it won a fancy award from The Beauty Gods), I will definitely make this known.

Aussie Beauties

I’ll be doing my best to shine a light on Australian made/owned brands so if you know of any toxic-free brands that you love, or you are in fact someone who created one of these fabulous brands, please do get in touch.


I do hope you’ll find something helpful.

With fabulous nails and err moistened(?) skin,




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